To get a precise quote, write us an email at after reading the following instructions. For any other inquiry, use the contact form below!

To obtain an quote for your project, you need to provide us with :

 1.       A file of the drawing, design or logo you want made into a neon

 2.       The desired dimensions and color(s) of the neon

 3.       The surface on which the neon will be installed, as well as a picture of the space, if possible (brick wall, drywall, window, etc.)

 4.       The desired support (none, clear, white or black plexiglas base, metal frame, etc.)

Please note that not all designs are neon-friendly. We might have to refuse or ask you to tweak some of your designs in order for us to turn them into neon!

 The price of a neon will vary greatly depending on size, complexity, type of tube, base and location. Additional costs include delivery, installation and applicable taxes. It’s also possible to pick up the neon a tour shop located in the Sud-Ouest.

« OK but like, how much can I expect to pay? »

Prices vary greatly, but the average commercial neon costs between 700$ and 1200$ (plus base, installation and applicable taxes). These past 5 years, we’ve done projects ranging from 350$ to 25 000$!

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