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The Boss

Gérald Collard is a glass artist who has specialized in the fabrication of hand-blown neon signs for over 30 years. Recognized all over the world, he has worked in collaboration with many international artists and companies on projects ranging from advertising campaigns to album art, from artistic installations to light structures for stage or film sets. Undisputed boss of artistic neon in Montreal, he dedicates his life to the survival of this unique craft, which has fascinated him for as long as he can remember.

The Consigliere, a.k.a. The Boss' Daughter

Five Eight

Five Eight is a Montreal-based painter and muralist. Best known for his unique lettering and portrait style, he paints on both canvas and walls. He is currently working on a series of portraits on canvas and experimenting with the very exciting and unique craft of neon sign making.

Sydney Krause

Sydney Krause aka Electrical Engineer Barbie started her career as a fashion designer and has worked in both Los Angeles and NYC in this field. Currently she makes videos, she directs, art directs, costume designs, edits, and produces.  She is most known for her work with Rainbow Dream Cloud, a small design house which she runs out of her studio, and Motelscape a very successful renegade show at Art Basel last year that she co-created last year with 3 other female artists. She is new to the world of neon, however, light and electricity have almost always inspired her seemingly random works.